Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hit Your Goals - 3 Keys to Staying Focused

It seems like the moment that you begin working to hit your goal you get bombarded with unforeseen problems and challenging circumstances which threaten to knock you off track. You don't have to be swayed by these distractions. You can stay focused on your goal by using these 3 keys:


Write your goals down. Write your goal out several times a day. When I was in elementary school my teacher would punish me for chewing gum in class. She would make me write on the black board 50 to 100 times, "I will not chew gum while I am in class." Eventually the point was driven home to me. After awhile I began to stop and think before I entered her classroom. If I had gum in my mouth I would throw it away before I went into her class. We can do the same thing with our goals. Write them down 50 to 100 times a day to increase your focus on them. This helps to sharpen your focus on hitting your goals by impressing the goal into your thoughts through repetition.


Discipline yourself to continue to do the necessary work. That is your way of fighting for what you want. You will have to fight against distraction. There are two types of distractions. They are either self imposed or beyond your control. While pursuing you goal you have to eliminate the self imposed distractions altogether. Cease all pleasure seeking activities and stop attending unnecessary social events. These types of activities eat up big chunks of your time that could be put to more productive use. Uncontrollable distractions are a part of everyday life. Decide in advance to fight through them and you will be able to maintain your focus. See negative situations and circumstances as temporary events. They will pass soon. Don't let them stop you. You have make a commitment stay focused on your goal while you consistently do the work that is required. Keep taking action in spite of the problems which arise that are beyond your control.


Get excited and stay excited. Get excited about what you are doing and where you are going. You are in the process of hitting your goal. And your ability to stay fired up about that thought is enough to keep your focus where it should be-On your goal. Throughout the day let the thought of accomplishing your goal excite you. Let your reasons for wanting it motivate you. When you maintain a strong expectation of getting what you want it causes you to focus on doing what it takes to hit your goals.

By Anthony D Carter

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From Anthony D. Carter - a leading expert on goal setting.

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Goals and Objectives - Business Goal Setting Made Easy

Coming up with effective business goals is never an easy thing. You could even say that it is intimidating to some people. Knowing where to take your project or business down the road requires a lot of forethought and experience, not to mention a lot of effort. But rest assured, a good game plan is the best thing for any project or business, and it will give you the confidence to move forward day after day.

The Difference Between Goals and Objectives

Most people think that business goals and objectives are interchangeable words. The truth is that goals are the larger accomplishments while objectives are simply sub-goals in the grand scheme of things. Objectives are the legs that goals use to stand on. Without good measurable objectives, a goal will never make it very far.

Why even worry about business goals? Why not just work every day with the idea that you will eventually achieve success? Nothing could be further from the truth. Your goals and objectives are important in achieving overall success. Without these things in mind you would be like a boat adrift without a sail or rudder. Imagine that a year or two goes by, and you are still in the same position you were in when you started. Wouldn't that be terrible? That is why having a clear focus of your business or project is so important.

Easy Tips on How to Set Your Business Goals

As intimidating as it seems, there are some easy ways to set your goals. First, don't be afraid to brainstorm. In a sense, goals are somewhat simple. Perhaps there is a certain amount of money you want to make, or a certain number of customers to acquire. It could be that you have an educational goal.

Make sure to write these down with plenty of room under them to write in your objectives. In writing your objectives, think about the things you will need to do in order to accomplish that specific goal. What skills or tasks would be required? Write them down, but always keep in mind that objectives can also provide their own challenges. Once you have all of your goals and objectives written down, start to apply them on a daily basis, but remember to stay flexible. There may be situations that require you to modify your plans, but that shouldn't deter you from your overall focus.

Remember to keep all of your objectives and goals measurable. That means that you can write down the progress of each on a weekly or monthly basis. It does you no good to be vague!

You should always consider your goals at the start of any project or initiative. Setting these up early on will guide you throughout the entire project. Doing this thinking ahead of time will allow you the freedom to actually be more effective on a daily basis because you will be confident that your daily work is already heading down the right path. Defining your goals and objectives will give you confidence!

By Ed Jamison

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Achievement - How to Overcome the Obstacles in Your Path

The road to achievement is always worth pursuing! You will experience a wonderful sense of personal satisfaction once your goal has been accomplished, but you are virtually guaranteed to come across obstacles on your way to success.

How do you tackle the hurdles that can potentially stop you from achieving your dreams?

Write Down the Steps Needed to Achieve Your Goal

Whatever you do, please ensure that you plan and write down exactly what is required to reach your goal. This will provide the set of instructions that you need to follow to accomplish what you set out to do.

If a goal is worth pursuing, it is unlikely to be straightforward without problems along the way. By setting goals, you are setting yourself challenges to complete, and obstacles will serve to strengthen your resolve and determination to be successful.

Identify Possible Obstacles

What problems may arise when tackling your particular goal? Do you possess enough knowledge and skills right now to achieve your goals? Is time an issue? Do you have any doubts as to your own abilities?

Write down the various obstacles that may come your way. One of the most challenging, and perhaps exciting, aspects of achieving what you truly desire is working out solutions to overcoming the hurdles that you may come across.

If insufficient knowledge and skills are barriers, what do you need to do to increase these? Do you need special training, or will reading a couple of books help you to succeed?

If time is a hurdle, plan your time extremely carefully so that you make the best use of it. Prevent procrastination by continually visualizing the wonderful results you are working towards.

What about believing in your abilities and in yourself? Fear and feelings of uncertainty can often be the main obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals. Write these fears down and think about these. Are they rational fears? Nine out of ten times they will not be. Rationalize your fears, take up the reins of your ambitions and take action!

Whatever the obstacle, there will be solutions to help you overcome these. Achieving goals will ensure that you learn, grow, and gain more experience of life. Getting over these hurdles will make your goals all the more worthwhile and fulfilling!

By Jan Malloch

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Being More Productive - Three Tips

You want to get things done. If you're like most people, you have a great deal to do with the measly 24 hours we have at our disposal every day. You want to learn how to start being more productive.

There are many ways to increase personal productivity. The most effective routes usually involve changing the way you think about and approach the world. The right mindset is the most powerful productivity tool in existence. Once you've aligned your thoughts, goals and actions, you'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

If you feel a need to become more efficient and productive, you should certainly investigate these options. They'll provide you with tools you can use to better your life in a variety of ways. However, there are other things you can do to increase productivity, too. Here are three examples.

Sleep more. Sufficient rest empowers the mind and the body, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. Many people wonder why they can't seem to get everything done no matter how much time they devote to work. What the don't realize is that they are gradually becoming less efficient as they build up a larger and larger sleep deficit. It may seem counterintuitive to sleep in the face of a mounting pile of things to do, but it's one of the best ways to accomplish more.

Choose wisely. We do better with things we enjoy than we do with things we dislike. If your list of projects consists primarily of things you'd prefer not to do, efficiency will be difficult. When you're working on something you love, you can get a great deal done quickly. Try to build your life around your passions and you'll automatically boost your efficiency.

Remember why. It's a lot easier to get things done when you have a clear understanding of why you're doing it in the forefront of your mind. Think about your projects and the reasons that you're committing to seeing them through. Your goals, your family, your friends, your sense of honor, a commitment to a cause--these motivations combined to create your "to do" list. When you think of the agenda items on it as stepping stones to something greater, you can find a level of motivation that will help you in being more productive.

Actions like these will help you to become more efficient. If you can combine them with an overall positive change in mindset and perspective, you'll be absolutely shocked by how much you can accomplish--and how quickly you can accomplish it.

By Bradley Marks

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A Very Effective Way to Get What You Really Want

Why do some people appear more abundant than others? Are they luckier, harder working or are they onto something that the rest of us don't know about?

Movies like The Secret give us a great insight into the law of attraction and how we can attract our destiny if we focus on what we want but how many of us are manifesting our perfect lives?

Does it all seem too easy - you focus on something that doesn't exist and it comes to you right? Well yes, but this is only half the story. If you visualize let's say 'the perfect dream home for yourself' you may hear a subtle, almost inaudible inner voice and that voice seems to be plotting against you. Don't be alarmed, you're not going gaga this voice is your inner critic and everybody has one. It's the same voice that says "Who do you think you're kidding, you'll never get that house you're way out of your league." It's our inner critic that will stop manifestation in its tracks - for most of us anyway. You can override it if you keep on and on and on believing and (and this is very important) you don't have the heap of negative beliefs surrounding abundance that most of us have.

For many of us right from the time we could listen we've been saturated with the adults around us telling us to be careful with money, to save for a rainy day and even 'hoard your money and it will grow'. Well, it may grow - a little, but with these beliefs and many more going round and round our subconscious minds it will be pretty tough to get what we really desire. So what's the missing ingredient to manifesting our dreams? Getting rid of the negative beliefs and adding positive ones. It's bit like trying to find a piece of gold in the garbage - you have to go through all the garbage first.

We can do this in a variety of ways and the way that I'm more familiar with is called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. EFT is a remarkable tool to use with abundance because by focusing on negative beliefs while tapping with our fingertips on energy points we can get rid of blocks that hold us back. This allows us to manifest what we want straight into our lives. Some people may find it odd to tap on negative beliefs but what we are effectively doing is acknowledging the beliefs we have that are in our way, then giving them a big hug instead of what we always do - trying to ignore them or even fighting against them. In this way they will disappear because we've shone a light on them just like a fog when the sun comes out.

You will be able to manifest your desired destiny much, much quicker using EFT. It really is that effective. So, if you're stuck and feel like giving up on your dreams don't - try EFT instead.

By John Blosse

John Blosse is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Advanced practitioner and weight loss and abundance expert. He lives in Brighton, UK.

John says "EFT is subtle, yet very effective. It works both face to face and over the phone."

To visit my website go to http://www.emoshift.com

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How to Get Out of a Rut - What to Do When Nothing Seems to Work

It is said that the only difference between a rut and a grave is the fact that one is deeper than the other. That may be accurate or not but it is a hard fact that being in either of those place really stinks. The main reason that it does stink is that it creates a feeling that there is no way out of these situations which in turn gives rise to feelings of helplessness, depression, lethargy, apathy, torpor and paralysis.

That's a disempowering scenario and one that has to be changed to an empowering one. Changing from a negative to a positive attitude is not only the first step that must be taken to get out of a rut it may also be the hardest one to accomplish. We can't talk our way out of a bad mood and no one else can do it for us. So we must grab the bull by the horns and do it ourselves.

We said that we can't talk ourselves out of a negative state of mind. If it was that simple, it would have already been done. Auto-suggestion or self-talk will not work but we can trick ourselves into a positive state of mind.

The best way that changing state of mind can be done is by altering our body posture and breathing pattern. Some explanation is needed to understand this concept.

Our physical body and our breathing pattern reflect our state of mind. When we are in a depressed mood, we stand and we breathe like a depressed person and when we are happy and feel like we are standing on top of the world that is what our posture and breathing pattern will reflect. State of mind and bodily posture reflect and reinforce each others.

So if state of mind and body posture influence each other, it then becomes evident that by changing our posture and breathing pattern we will automatically influence and modify our mood or state of mind. So, the first thing to be done to change our mood and get out of a rut is to start standing and breathing like a strong and confident person and thus start transforming our state of mind to a more positive one.

The next thing that needs to be done on our way out of a rut is to write down at least ten tentative solutions for our current problem. Now, most of these solutions might not solve anything but they will certainly change our focus and get us to think about solutions rather than concentrating on the problem.

Once those tentative solutions have been written down, the most promising ones have to be expanded and explored until they lead to a workable applicable solution. A solution does exist and that list is the map that will lead to it. Like all maps, the easiest and most promising route may not be immediately evident but it is in there to be found.

Being stuck in a rut, a morass or a dead end situation is not the end of the road. It simply means that changes must be made, new paths must be explored, new targets and destinations must be sought and, most of all, action, sometimes massive action, must be undertaken. There is always a way out and its our job to find it.

The sun always rises after the sky reached its darkest point and the brightest times in our life always follow the most somber periods. Seasons change so does our reality. Nothing is eternal, least of all periods of hardship. With hope, work and persistence we can change anything. Any lemon can be turned into a lemonade. Now, get out there and do it.

By Dr. Raymond Comeau

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Author of ShamouBlog and Administrator of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

How to Motivate Yourself - Success Strategies to Keep You on Track - All of the Time

Learning to stay motivated and on track can make the difference between your success and failure when you are pursuing a goal or dream. When you are highly motivated you find yourself doing whatever it takes to get the job done, despite any discomfort you may encounter. When your motivation is not so high you are apt to make excuses to yourself and others explaining why you can't succeed.

Your job is to discover ways to keep yourself motivated. You may find yourself motivated to take action toward your dreams by a dynamic public speaker or a well-written book, but that motivation is frequently short-lived. Without repeated exposure to the book or the speaker, your reasons for being motivated begin to fade into the background noise of your everyday life. You simply return to your comfort zone.

This is what many people do. They get a big burst of motivation and take some action, but they don't renew that motivation and it starts to slide and diminish. As the motivating factors become less and less important to you, you are less and less willing to put up with any discomfort or challenges. It becomes easier for you to give up.

When your motivation levels go up and down like this you will find it difficult to make consistent progress toward your dreams.

The only true, dependable form of motivation is motivation that comes from within - self motivation. You have to motivate yourself. You have to decide that your goal or dream is more important than whatever challenge or discomfort you are facing. You learn to act in spite of the challenges.

Here are a few tips to help you maintain that level of motivation.

  • Have a powerful why - Motivating yourself to take action is easy when you have a strong enough reason for reaching a goal. A burning desire to achieve something will cause you to take much different action than a wish or a hope will.

  • Keep you dream in sight - If you focus too intently on the steps between you and your dream you will find yourself getting sidetracked by perceived problems and challenges. Try to keep your eyes on the result that you want to create. This will make it easier for you to stay focused on the important things.

  • Focus on your dream throughout your day - tape reminders or pictures of your goal on your bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator. Carry a card with your goals written on it with you at all times. Get creative!

Keeping yourself motivated becomes easier the more you practice it and the more strongly you are attached to succeeding. You can learn to create change in any area of your life once you understand and apply these success strategies.

By Bob Crawford

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