Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Achievement - How to Overcome the Obstacles in Your Path

The road to achievement is always worth pursuing! You will experience a wonderful sense of personal satisfaction once your goal has been accomplished, but you are virtually guaranteed to come across obstacles on your way to success.

How do you tackle the hurdles that can potentially stop you from achieving your dreams?

Write Down the Steps Needed to Achieve Your Goal

Whatever you do, please ensure that you plan and write down exactly what is required to reach your goal. This will provide the set of instructions that you need to follow to accomplish what you set out to do.

If a goal is worth pursuing, it is unlikely to be straightforward without problems along the way. By setting goals, you are setting yourself challenges to complete, and obstacles will serve to strengthen your resolve and determination to be successful.

Identify Possible Obstacles

What problems may arise when tackling your particular goal? Do you possess enough knowledge and skills right now to achieve your goals? Is time an issue? Do you have any doubts as to your own abilities?

Write down the various obstacles that may come your way. One of the most challenging, and perhaps exciting, aspects of achieving what you truly desire is working out solutions to overcoming the hurdles that you may come across.

If insufficient knowledge and skills are barriers, what do you need to do to increase these? Do you need special training, or will reading a couple of books help you to succeed?

If time is a hurdle, plan your time extremely carefully so that you make the best use of it. Prevent procrastination by continually visualizing the wonderful results you are working towards.

What about believing in your abilities and in yourself? Fear and feelings of uncertainty can often be the main obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals. Write these fears down and think about these. Are they rational fears? Nine out of ten times they will not be. Rationalize your fears, take up the reins of your ambitions and take action!

Whatever the obstacle, there will be solutions to help you overcome these. Achieving goals will ensure that you learn, grow, and gain more experience of life. Getting over these hurdles will make your goals all the more worthwhile and fulfilling!

By Jan Malloch

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