Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Future Goals - Give Yourself Permission to Dream

For years I've had a list entitled "The Things I Want to do Before I Die" - it started off as 50 things, then 100, now there are at least 250 items on that last. Some are small things, like I want to read every book written by Edgar Allen Poe, some are bigger things like I want to go on a month-long African Safari. Among many other things there are people I'd like to meet, languages I want to learn, and business goals I want to achieve. I've crossed many items off that list - to live overseas, to learn German, to own a home, to own a business, etc... Some of my friends thought it was morbid that I called my list "the things I want to do before I die." I just figured it was inevitable and why not start checking things off my list now. After all, it's never too early to start living your dreams! When I began my coaching business I discovered something called a dream inventory - it's the same as my list, it just has a better name, and it made me realize all those "things" on my list, no matter how big or small, truly are dreams!

Asking clients to complete a dream inventory has been met with a wide-range of response. Some clients think it's silly, others really embrace it. I do have to say, the people that start off thinking it's silly have all come around. If you think about it though, every accomplishment from time immemorial has emerged as the end result of a dream, a vision, or perhaps even a far-fetched idea.

Start your Dream Inventory Today

Do you have a dream inventory? If not, I urge you to start one today! Many of the dreams you put on your list might be totally out of reach right now and that's okay. As you begin to grow and achieve, some of your dreams will become goals and perhaps some never will. This is all about dreaming it is not an exercise in your ability to actually achieve those dreams (I'll never be 6 ft tall, but a girl can dream!). Sometimes our dreams may seem too small or too insignificant to list, but list them anyway; there is no such thing as too small a dream. If a dream has value and worth to you, then it is important enough to be included on your list.

Here are some ideas for you to start creating your dream inventory today:

  • Who do you want to meet?

  • What books do you want to read?

  • What plays do you want to see?

  • What have you always wanted to do but never had time?

  • What hobbies do you wish you had?

  • What business goals do you want to achieve?

  • What things do you want to do/offer your customers?

  • Where do you want to travel?

  • What do you want to own?

By Michelle Seyfarth

What's stopping you from achieving all that you can? Seyfarth Diversified Strategies was found on the belief that every individual has the ability, and can become empowered to be all he/she is capable of becoming. A day, a life, a company, can be changed by understanding and affecting the attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs that drive goals and lead you to success.

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