Friday, January 30, 2009

Business and Personal Goal Setting

Have you procrastinated about your career goal setting or maybe your business goal setting. I truly believe you need to do some smart goal setting if you want to achieve specific things in your career, business or personal life.

First of all I truly believe everyone can create a great life. I believe money is a byproduct to a great life. However, the key is to keep it in perspective and to take the time to create a balanced life with great relationships, health and wealth.

How To Achieve Smart Goal Setting

So what do you have to do achieve smart goal setting? I believe the key to goal setting is that they are written positive and present tense. You need to write them daily (7 times), listen to them or read them out loud daily (7 times) with 7 second intervals. You do this to get them into your subconscious mine. You will achieve 99% of your goals using this technique.

The Best Affirmation

On another note, most people don't achieve their goals because of their Worth Barometer - which is a term I use to describe someone's beliefs and self worth. One of the best affirmations you can say to help your self worth is "I am enough". Many people's fear of succeeding or their cause of failure has to do with their self worth and this is the best affirmation, I have found, to replace that belief.

The Key To Smart Goal Setting

The key to smart goal setting is actually making a commitment to do your goal setting. You need to take the time to sit down and put your goals together. Find 7 goals, write down positive and present tense goals. Get in the habit of writing them down every day, read them out load every day, and then visualize yourself achieving these goals.

By Mark J. Nelson

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