Saturday, June 14, 2008

3 Things I Did to Achieve My Goals

Did you know that there are only three things I did to help achieve my goals in life. In this article I will share with you the three simple things that help me catapult my success and to give me the belief to achieve my goals.

The three things I did was number one increase the size of my belief. Number two change the people that I hang out with. And number three increase my desire for achieving my goals.

Let me now elaborate a little bit about increasing the size of my belief. There is a book by David Schwartz, known as "The magic of thinking big". He says the size of your goal is limited by the size of your belief. Before I learn the technology of Neuro Linguistics Programming, I didn't realize that my limiting belief in my life could actually be changed and I could adopt for myself new empowering beliefs. So the first thing I did was to join a personal development seminar and I learned the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming to destroy my limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones.

With the new size of my belief, I created goals, which scared people when they heard about it. But to me, they were just inevitable. In fact, just two years later, I managed to reach one of my goals without even working hard towards it and without knowing how I did it. I went from being a civil servant working at the desk for about 13 hours a day to working from home. I'm an intrapreneur as well as an entrepreneur, and I'm also a platform speaker. All of this is because I increased the size of my belief.

The second thing I did to help achieve my goals is to change the people that I hang out with. Jim Rohn says that you are the sum average of the five people you are with. And I truly believe that because the moment I chose to immerse myself in the environment where I see billionaires and top achievers, my life changed immediately. I've been able to attract multi-millionaire mentors. In fact, I have recently attracted a deca-millionaire who work solely on EBay and he's been very forthcoming in teaching me on what to do with running a business. There was no way I could do all this if I had chosen to scratch with the turkeys instead of flying with the Eagles.

The third thing that I did to achieve my goals is to increase my desire to achieve. You see, I lived in Singapore, and in Singapore all of us are more or less comfortable. Our government has helped us to map out our routes in life and if we were to just follow the route that our government has given us, we will more or less be secured in a job. There is very little risk of being unemployed. As such, Singaporeans have a very low-level of desire for success. What I had to do was to increase my desire for success manually using the Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

So there it is, these were the three things I did to help achieve my goals in life. Go test it out and for all you know, it could be even easier for you.

By Perry Lai

Perry is a trainer with Singapore's largest training company. Using what he learned from his NLP master trainer mentors, he was able to quit his dead end civil service job and work as a platform speaker and entrepreneur. With his personally designed success system of the "Empowering Communicator", he now helps others achieve success a step at a time using communication skills. Click here to find out how you too can achieve your goals.

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