Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do the Harder Thing - Don't Give Up, Stick to the Plan

Everyone has the odd bad day when they feel like they are stuck and not progressing. Sometimes it seems like the best thing to do is to give up. Although this might make you feel better for a short period of time, it can also leave you feeling guilty and stressed.

If you can make the commitment to stick with your business plan, it will seem hard, but you will feel better for having done so in the end. If you are struggling with your business goals, why not enlist the services of a life coach to help you. Or, you may find that your business turmoil is tied to your personal life and they are affecting each other.

If you have much stress in your personal life, your business life will also be affected. Stress is very negative all around- it will leave you feeling stressed, tired, and always on the verge of a breakdown. Life coaches can suggest techniques to help you manage this stress.

Anxiety affects everyone differently. You will find though that you can't be as productive when you are always worried about something. Extreme anxiety should be cared for by a doctor. If your problems are not as major, a life coach may be able to help you break the cycle. He or she can help you determine the cause of your anxiety and help you manage it with different strategies.

Many people lack the ability to focus. If your work is piling up, it is easy to feel like you lack control, and feel overwhelmed. A life coach can help you analyze which tasks are crucial and what is a waste of time. They can give you focus and develop strategies, goals and plans to take action to accomplish the important tasks.

Be sure to also take care of yourself, as it relates to how you feel. A life coach can also direct you towards healthier eating choices and towards making time in your routine for exercise.

Every new year, many people make the commitment to themselves to get organized. Life coaches can help you set these goals and take action with them- so you will find yourself knowing where that important phone number is, and finding time in your week to buy groceries.

With finding balance with your personal life, you will find your business life (which is linked) falling into place too.

By Theo McLanahan

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