Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Not Impossible to Reach Your Dreams

Everybody at one point or another in their life, have had big dreams of accomplishment and how many little boys dreamed of hitting the game winning home run or little girls wanting to be a princess when they grew up. How many times have you heard someone fantasize about winning the lottery or being a big movie or music star. Just look at American Idol.

Too many times our dreams and desires remain as fantasies and become quite rusty with age. We just go on dreaming and wondering what life would be like if we could just fulfill some of the things on our wish list.

It is very unfortunate that we let these get away from us and instead of living the exciting life we imagined, there is the problem of looking at the day as just trying to get by. Letting the mundane events of our daily lives dictate how we will feel is how are hopes and wants get smothered.

True, we need to be mindful of the chores and activities that keep us alive and with a roof over our heads but we should not fall into the trap of thinking that there isn't enough time to work on attaining those things in life that we really want.

Of course, you can't spend your entire day on a project but that does not mean it cannot be done. If you only spent 30 minutes a day devoted to one subject that is almost an entire week by the end of the year. Can you imagine how much more you would know after spending a week on it.

If you can just schedule your time to include one hour a day on the subject of your dreams then you can have two weeks a year. It does not feel like a lot when you are sitting there just killing time in front of the television for a couple of hours but it adds up.

By Matthew Maiden

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