Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Becoming Wealthy - The First Thing We Need to Know

We all have that need to become wealthy, but what is the first thing that we actually need in order to acquire that wealth? Some may think that we first need a system, a business plan, a mentor or even the right environment.

All of these things surely come into play when creating wealth but I truly believe that the very first thing that we need in order to become wealthy is MINDSET. We must first ask ourselves if we have developed that wealthy mindset on the inside.

We all want wealth and prosperity but what we don't realize is that we need to first massively change our mindset; which in turn changes who we are and how we live our lives.

What this means is that we absolutely have to work on ourselves, our internal mindset, BEFORE we work on our business or any other venture in life. Work on ourselves and the business and wealth will follow.

There are three main areas of mindset that we can work on. The first may be the most difficult. It's shifting from an insecure mindset to a courageous one. Now when I say courageous I don't mean putting on some armor and going into battle. However, I am saying that we must cultivate enough courage in order to face ourselves.

Breaking down any limiting beliefs or insecure qualities of our selves leads to more confidence and more self-esteem. This in turn will breed more qualities of leadership and leads towards a stronger mindset.

The next area that we can work on is shifting our mind from a place of lack to a place of abundance. We must truly and firmly believe that the Universe is abundant in nature. It actually knows NO lack. There is plenty of money, resources, information and knowledge in this world for everyone.

We must abandon the belief in competition and adopt the creative mentality. Once we believe that we can create our wealth, virtually from nothing, then we are on our way to building a stronger mindset.

The last area that we can work on is shifting from a place of doubt and fear to a place of faith and trust. As a matter of fact, faith is the complete opposite of doubt.

There is absolutely no way that anyone can demonstrate faith if they have even one spec of doubt in their mind. We must have complete faith in the Universe that it will provide whatever it is that we need in order to advance in life or better ourselves.

None of these 'mental shifts' are an easy task, for us as humans are creatures of habit. And in order to change and break habit takes strength.

I'm not going to lie, change is painful, but through this pain, personal growth will take place and from this you will gain momentum.

We must be willing to let go of who we THINK we are and discover more of the person who we TRULY are.

With this letting go comes great strength. It takes a lot of strength to change our lives from the comfortable known and venture into the unknown. And all the true internal wealth that we will find in the unknown all starts with a shift in MINDSET.

By Angel Valenciano

Angel Valenciano is an Artist of Life and an Online Marketing Coach. Along side his team of Empowered Entrepreneurs, Angel shows Network Marketers how to grow successful businesses online using the latest in cutting edge technologies.

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