Saturday, June 14, 2008

Staying Positive - Why It is The Key To Your Success?

When it comes to chasing after your dream of becoming a millionaire it is vital to your survival that you stay positive. Without a positive mindset you are sure to fall into the trap of negative thinking.

The saying that says "If you think you can or think you can't you're right" is so very true. Keeping a positive attitude will drive you towards success, however if you have a negative attitude then almost everything will be impossible for you to achieve.

Although it is impossible to have a positive attitude 100% of the time (after all we are all human and flawed), but it is important to maintain a positive attitude as much as you can. A positive attitude is not reliant on the circumstances you are in or how well off you are in like. It is simple how you react to those situations. A positive attitude allows you to see the potential in people and in circumstances and allows you to turn bad circumstances into good circumstances over time. Most importantly a positive attitude is vital if you want to become a millionaire, because without it a negative attitude will drag you down into failure.

I have compiled a list of ways I believe you can get and keep a positive attitude.

1. Hang around positive people - You become like who you hang around, if you hang around positive people you will become positive, if you hang around negative people then you will become negative. I learnt this lesson early when I read in the bible that "as iron sharpens iron, so friends sharpen the minds of each other". So spend time with people full of positivity and full of faith and you will see your attitude to your work change and you will become more productive, more creative and more successful.

2. Remind yourself to be positive - put reminders in your phone, stick them on your walls and continually remind yourself of the positive aspects of things not the negatives ones. When a circumstance arises train yourself to look at the positives not the negatives. This is great because I positive attitude seeks to overcome and solve problems whereas a negative attitude will shut you down and let your problems overcome you.

3. Keep a thankful spirit - every morning when you wake up have a thankful spirit. It will keep you positive all day. More on having a thankful spirit here

4. Read positive material - Read books and websites that inspire you, read testimonies of people who have made it in the area you want to see success and be inspired that it is possible to achieve

5. Set achievable goals - Often we set goals too high that we cannot achieve them. When we fail we get upset and negative and our progress is stunted. Instead set smaller goals which you can easy achieve and as you achieve them give yourself a pat on the back and set bigger goals to achieve. This will help you keep a positive attitude towards goal setting and the progress you are making.

Staying positive may sound a little off topic, but it is a vital aspect to anyone who is going to build wealth. Because building wealth takes time it is easy to lose heart and become negative, we need to avoid that and stay positive because that is where we will see most of our results.

By Ryan Mclean

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